Joint Research Activity 4 : Improved Modelling

Modelling is important all along the value chain of PV:

  • material processing simulation
  • optical and electronic modelling at the cell and module level
  • outdoor performance of entire PV systems : energy output prediction at various locations, for various installation modes.

Modelling the rated power is still approximative for most cell technologies. Light interaction at the cell surface (at micro and nano scales) or heterogeneity into the material structure often brings discrepancies into the results. Extensive works are required on innovative photovoltaic technologies such as organic PV and third generation devices.
Comprehensive simulations will accelerate the development, using both classical and ab-initio simulations to study a wide range of materials, nano structures and molecules with applications in photovoltaic devices.

Modelling expertise is widely scattered over Europe and many groups are carrying out limited and typically very focused activities on modelling. Up to now, the different models have been developed separately and intensive interaction between modelling activities is missing.
Joint research is necessary to merge expertise and to establish self interaction for all modelling activity on material properties, solar cell performance and energy performance prediction starting at cell level.

The objectives of this activity are : 

  • to define and standardize the data interfaces between the various modelling steps and to implement a database
  • to enhance the reliability, efficiency and applicability of the available models and software tools on each level
  • to merge most of the models to cover the all value chain