Symposium on European PV Research Infrastructures

INES (National Solar Energy Institute), France, January 22, 2015

This symposium was organized as the final event of the SOPHIA project.

104 participants from 75 organisations (industry, research and ministries), from 23 countries attended the symposium.

Some journalists participated (PV Magazine, PV Tech and Recharge) and reported about this symposium:

Besides the outcomes of the SOPHIA projects, strategic directions of solar research in Europe have been debated.

All Presentations can be downloaded by clicking on the title or on the slide on the right hand side.

Session I: The EU R&D framework in the field of solar photovoltaics

Moderator: Philippe Malbranche (CEA-INES), project coordinator

Presentation of Wim Sinke (EU PV Platform)

Presentation of Philippe Malbranche (CEA-INES)

Presentation of Jan Kroon (ECN)

Presentation of Philippe Malbranche (CEA-INES)

Presentation of Jean-Pierre Caminade (French Ministry of Research)

Session II: Main achievements of the SOPHIA project for researchers and industrial companies

Moderator: Iver Lauermann (HZB)

Presentation of Fabien Bergeron (CEA-INES)

Presentation of Anderson Lima (ICN2-CSIC)

Presentation of Espen Olsen (NMBU)

Presentation of Vasiliki Paraskeva (Cyprus Univ.)

Presentation of Franco Roca (ENEA)

Presentation of Jens Merten (CEA-INES)

Presentation of Wilhelm Warta (Fraunhofer-ISE)

Presentation of Suren Gevorgyan (DTU)

Presentation of Jurgen Hüpkes (Jülich)

Session III: Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA)

Moderator: Nigel Taylor (DG-JRC, EC)

The EC Integrated Roadmap regarding photovoltaics

Presentation of Paul Verhoef  (DG RTD, EC, Head of the Renewable Energy Unit)

Presentation of Joao Serra (Univ. of Lisbon)

Session IV: Role of regions and member states for research infrastructures’ development

Moderator: Greg Arrowsmith (EUREC)