Tuesday 23.09.14

Strategic Vision for PV Research Infrastructure

European PV Research Infrastructure - Keystone for the reinforcement of the PV industry, Europe's growth and competitiveness

On behalf of the SOPHIA project consortium, we would like to invite you to participate to the SOPHIA workshop: "European PV Research Infrastructure - Keystone for the reinforcement of the PV industry, Europe's growth and competitiveness" which will be held on Tuesday 23 September 2014 from 09:00 to 12:00 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, during the 29th European PV Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition (EU PVSEC).

The event will focus on presenting the main outcomes of the SOPHIA project and will discuss the findings of the Strategic Research Infrastructure Agenda (SRIA) that includes inputs from all the different topic leaders and expert groups within the SOPHIA consortium.

The workshop is divided in three thematic sessions:

  • Session I: SOPHIA FINAL RESULTS - Contribution to all main PV research areas
  • Session II: PV RESEARCH INFRASTRUCTURE IN EUROPE - What support does it need?

You can download the draft agenda of the workshop here.

The presentations are now available here:

  1. Sophia project – The unique project-hub for PV R&D
  2. Main outcomes – Flash presentations per technology and activity
  3. From joint research infrastructure to large scale PV manufacturing. Is it still possible in Europe?
  4. Relevant European Initiatives (summary slide)
  5. Strategic Vision on PV Research Infrastructure (SRIA) – Observations and Recommendations

With more than 70 participants from the PV R&D community, the PV industry and the European Commission, the Sophia final event took a strong lead on matters of PV research infrastructure highlighting important needs and requirements for the coming years in order to accelerate the growth of PV and enhance EU competitiveness. The collaborative research attempts across EU, although challenging, managed to produce valuable results – that were presented during the event – and set benchmarks for future work.

Key panelists shared their vision on how European PV research Infrastructure should be organized and evolve the next decade. Challenges and benefits were discussed and recommendations were provided. Key statements derived from the panel discussions are:

  • Focus on advanced manufacturing concepts for cell and module as well as quality and reliability – gain share with market innovations – establish pilot lines
  • Link technology development with applications – research initiatives should be mainly provided by the industry
  • Explore beyond PV technology development – emphasize on system integration aspects
  • Enhance collaboration (national and international) to avoid costly duplications – facilitate this collaboration by simplifying funding schemes, rules and conditions (EC could support on that)
  • Improve e-infrastructure and data management
  • Cluster research infrastructures (formation of alliances)
  • Act fast – speed is important – Europe is usually slow in starting initiatives
  • Start open innovation programs for smaller companies
  • Focus on collaborative approaches on Lower Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) – confidentiality issues are much less
  • Pre competitive research at high TRL should also be possible. Sharing results is the most important criterion

Sophia consortium and partners renewed their appointment with all the interested stakeholders to address some of the abovementioned points for the Symposium on European PV Research Infrastructure that will take place on 22nd January 2015 in Chambery, France at INES. More information can be found here.

Location: Amsterdam RAI
NL 1078 GZ Amsterdam

Starttime: 09:00
Price: Free EUR