Monday 15.09.14 - Tuesday 16.09.14

2nd workshop on Building-Integrated Photovoltaics

Uploadable presentations:


Day 1: BIPV R&D challenges

Outcome: Understanding of BIPV modelling and testing methods

Session 1: BIPV components design tools


-          - Yaël Gilad (Shenkar College, Israel): “Adaptive 3D Plastic BIPV skins”

-          - Wilma Eerenstein (ECN, Holland): “Thermal modeling of BIPV elements and solutions for heat reduction and shade optimization”

-          - Wiep Folkerts (SEAC, The Netherlands): “Prefab integrated PV for roof renovation”

Session 2: Integration in building design software


-          Ismael Lokhat (Cythelia, France): “Demonstration of a mechanically ventilated thin-film BIPV roof / Using a 3D model for the simulation of PV / BIPV”

-          Pierluigi Bonomo & Francesco Frontini  (SUPSI, Switzerland): “BIM and BIPV: potential interactions in the building sector”

Session 3: Best practices for BIPV characterization 

-          - Leon Gaillard (Chaire EDF-CETHIL, France): “Analysis tools to improve model validation and development using monitoring data for BIPV systems and PV systems operating in challenging environments”

-          Wendelin Sprenger (Fraunhofer ISE): “Statistics of time‐dependent physical quantities”

-         -  Mohammed Ayad (UDES, Algeria): ”Experimental Study of the Photons converter applied in the Photovoltaics Conversion Systems”



Day 2: BIPV: Paving the way for future applications

Introduction: Overview of BIPV applications·

-          Astrid Schneider (Solar Architecture, Germany): “My experience with BIPV in the last 20 years”

-          Christophe Ballif (EPFL, Suisse): “Low cost and ubiquitous BIPV elements: novel approaches based on thin film and crystalline silicon technology”

-          Christof Erban (Fraunhofer ISE, Germany): " The sky is the limit"


Session 1: Current BIPV market situation

-          - Laurent Quittre (ISSOL, Belgium):“The French Ministry of Defense: Photovoltaics meet the zinc roofs of Paris”

-          - Claudio Ferrara (Fraunhofer ISE, Germany): “BIPV technologies – customized or mass market”

-          - Bruno Gaiddon (Hespul, France): “PV façade of the HIKARI building in Lyon”

-          Hiroko Saito (PVTEC, Japan): “BIPV activities in Japan”


Session 2: Expectations of Architects and Constructors·

Introduction: Philippe Malbranche, Solarrok project, current achievements and challenges

Session 3: Market support actions

-          - Jef Poortmans (IMEC, Belgium):“Mission and Approach for EU PV Technology Platform Working Group on BIPV”

-          Philip Pieters (IMEC, Belgium): “Technologies and Requirements for BIPV”   2nd 

-          Bernd Koll (Kuraray, Germany): “Glass/Glass PV modules as BIPV safety glass elements”

Session 4: Innovation support actions

-          - Andrius Stonkus (Protech, Lithuania):Challenges and issues for BIPV: FP7 project Smartflex”

-          - Ana-Rosa Lagunas (CENER, Spain): “Sharing R&D infrastructures at the European level”

-          - Eric Pilat (CEA, France): “Market survey method in Solar Design project”

-          - Jose Mari Vega de Seoane Lopez (TECNALIA, Spain): “BFIRST project: Building integrated fibre-reinforced solar technology”

-          Marcus Rennhofer (AIT, Austria): “Multifunctional integration of vertical BIPV“

Location: CEA - INES
50 avenue du lac Léman
73375 Le Bourget du Lac (France)

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Price: free