Training and Personnel Exchange

SOPHIA offers various opportunities for staff working in SOPHIA partner organisations and researchers from outside the consortium to receive training related to the use of PV research infrastructure

Personnel exchange

Researchers involved with different technologies covered by SOPHIA might need sporadically to visit different facilities in order to share experiences and improve research activities. SOPHIA   may cover visit costs only when the main purpose is related to the improvement of the access to research infrastructure offered for transnational access.

Exchanges may happen over a timescale ranging from 1 day to 6 weeks. They can target technicians, junior researchers or senior researchers attached to partners in the SOPHIA consortium. Shorter visits could relate to Joint Research work.

Internal and external training courses

SOPHIA partners can organise, under the project scope, training courses on the use of PV research infrastructure for students, technicians and other interested staff members. Attendance can be exclusive for SOPHIA partner’s staff (internal courses) or open also for partially for experts non-members of the consortium (external courses). These courses may take the form of:

  • Short hands-on training courses. An example of an external training course is the Workshop on analytical tools organised by Helmholtz Berlin. This course is intended to be run every year till at least the end of the SOPHIA project in 2015. The training introduces participants to surface sensitive synchrotron-based materials analysis and multi-resonance EPR/EDMR.
  • Webinars:SOPHI@Webinar is the internal e-learning platform offering on-line in-depth training and discussions to all SOPHIA partners. The initiative is also open, on request, to interested universities, research organization, and Ph.D courses outside SOPHIA.
  • Summer schools, which last at least a week and are open to all. The summer school might additionally treat other topics besides PV research infrastructure training.
  • Guest lectures by researchers addressing a topic of relevance to PV research infrastructure. In 2012 ECN gave a lecture to students and researchers at Northumbria University (including students studying PV on the European Master in Renewable Energy). In 2013, SOPHIA partner IMEC headed to Northumbria to present their work including their activities in SOPHIA. In 2014, FZ Jülich delivered the lecture following the same approach.