Electroluminescence on a CIGS module

For some specific applications, thin films represents an alternative to the Silicon-based technologies and their market share may increase in the future.
Previous benchmarking has shown that specific issues come along with thin films :

  • Characterisation methods of the multiple layers and interfaces, in order to improve material understanding and to develop in-line control tools and defect analysis
  • Development of pre-conditioning procedures to more accurately measure the efficiency
  • Analysis of stabilities and metastabilities


Early on in the SOPHIA project, EERA partners compiled an inventory of the individual pieces of apparatus available at their sites for depositing various TCO materials and characterising them. The list is available here.



Five Research Infrastructures propose an access on this topic:

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Research Infrastructures  

Main Characteristics    



UHV-end station for preparation and analysis of PV thin films


EPR characterisation

Electron Paramagnetic Resonance for defects and impurities characterisation


TCO sputter deposition

TCO layer deposition and characterisation on substrates from 5x5 to 30x30 cm².


Thin film characterisation

Thin film PV module characterisation : calibration, improved test methods