This project includes three categories of activities : 

1. Networking activities will :

  • aim at defining and sharing common objectives over the future of PV research (research, technology development and standards). Priorities are redefined annually in an open cooperative approach,
  • organise expert committees to define common procedures for testing and characterising PV materials, modules and systems,
  • organise training and exchange activities for all European scientists (summer schools, exchange of personnel between different Research Organisations).

2. TransNational Access activity:

This activity will provide free of charge and open access to 48 research infrastructures :

  • dealing with advanced experimentation and characterisation of materials and innovative technologies
  • and developing an harmonised vision on performance and lifetime prediction of PV modules and systems.

3. Research activities, in order to improve in quality and/or quantity the services provided by the existing infrastructures. They will cover four specific topics :

  • JRA 1: Quicker lifetime prediction though accelerated ageing tests and improved failure analysis procedures of PV modules
  • JRA 2: Greater accuracy of rated power and energy output prediction of PV modules & systems
  • JRA 3: Improved photovoltaic material characterisation procedures : silicon material, thin films and TCOs, and organic solar cells
  • JRA 4: Improvement and validation of software infrastructure for photovoltaic materials, cell, module and system modelling