Serpentis 1.2.0

  • Cell characterisation
  • Module lifetime
  • SI material
  • Building-Integrated Photovoltaic
  • Cell modeling
  • SI material

SoPhia RI: Your unique entry point to many European PV research facilities

  • To support the development of photovoltaics, research and innovation are required.
  • Laboratories and test facilities are the backbone of efficient research. The EU-funded SOPHIA project brings together research organisation across Europe to optimise the use of research infrastructures and improve their performance

Our rationale : Solar Photovoltaics has the potential :

  • To create economic growth due to product innovations, new companies and new jobs
  • To supply 10 to 15% of the European electricity demand within few decades

  • SoPhia RI is your gateway to the state of the art of PV technologies and applications. By combining scientific expertise with technological capabilities, Sophia RI provides you with innovative and efficient solutions to your challenges in the area of photovoltaics.

Free access to 48 Research Infrastructures : see “User access